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What are the disruptive trends to watch for over the next 5 years?

Expect some great new sources of recycled materials, due to China’s refusal to take our waste, as well as some interesting takes on the circular economy. Beyond the PU and PVC plastic versions, we are seeing an amazing range in vegan leather alternatives such as apple peel, and leaves and the bio revolution continues with new plastics and foams from algae and bacteria. When we thought light couldn’t get any more customizable, new ultra-small printed LEDs and color-changing materials show a new driving force in product development.

What are some of the ways we can differentiate our product through materials?

High tech and innovative materials are always a draw, but consumers are also becoming increasingly discerning about purchases, demanding information about what a product is made from and its impact on the planet. Materials made from waste sources, such as ocean plastics, or those that help marginalized communities can enhance a product’s value through story-telling.

What to keep in mind when working on new packaging?

How do we maintain the important factors of packaging protection, such as shelf presence and information delivery, with an ethical end of life story? Easily recyclable solutions that safely break down in the environment and oceans or that can provide a viable second life as storage are now as essential for consumers as the need to protect and present the product well.

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